Setting Attainable Goals (What I Want From 2018)

I told myself that I wouldn’t make any resolutions this year. After many years of failed attempts at New Year’s resolutions, I decided that setting unrealistic goals for myself resulted in nothing but disappointment. I don’t know if it was the hopefulness the new year brought, or seeing everyone’s positive attitudes about their resolutions, but once […]

How to Stop Procrastinating and Develop Your Side Hustle

I’ve always wished I could be my own boss. I love the idea of working on your own time, not reporting to anyone and developing something you’re passionate about. The only problem with being your own boss is that there’s no room to procrastinate. I, as an avid procrastinator, loved daydreaming about achieving this vision, […]

Steps Forward

In my past posts, I’ve written a lot about perspective. Particularly, how perspective can change your entire outlook on a situation. I’ve completed some major milestones in the last couple of months, one of the most important being finally graduating from college. That’s right, ya girl finally got her degree! Well, almost…I have one class left […]