Hi, my name is Kenya and I am a twenty-something residing in Southern California. After only experiencing 3 years of my twenties, I found that it seems, no matter what age we are, we all feel the same way- completely confused. We all have this idea that our twenties is meant to be this stage of our life where we have everything figured out. The reality is, it isn’t.

What I’ve been beginning to realize is that it’s completely ok to not have your life figured out, and it’s completely ok to feel confused. I decided to create this blog so that us twenty-somethings (and just anyone who simply feels unsure about where to go in life) can have a place to feel lost together.

Your 20’s can be one of the best decades of your life, and also one of your worst all at once. No one hands you a guide on how to survive your 20’s, but this is a place that will hopefully help them feel less chaotic. Twenty Talk is a storytelling platform, a platform to share advice, and a place to simply discuss living life in your 20’s.