Setting Attainable Goals (What I Want From 2018)

I told myself that I wouldn’t make any resolutions this year. After many years of failed attempts at New Year’s resolutions, I decided that setting unrealistic goals for myself resulted in nothing but disappointment. I don’t know if it was the hopefulness the new year brought, or seeing everyone’s positive attitudes about their resolutions, but once 2018 rolled around, something in me changed.

I started to think about not only what I wanted during 2018, but out of life in general. I knew that this year I wanted to be happy, go on adventures, try new things and take risks. But, I also knew that once January 1st came around I wouldn’t suddenly morph into this new and improved version of myself.

I realized that making lifestyle changes in order to become the person I wanted to be would take a tremendous amount of time, effort and patience. Rather than creating huge seemingly unattainable goals, I’ve decided to treat my 2018 resolutions as stepping stones towards the larger goals I want to accomplish.

After taking the time to think about what I wanted this year (and hopefully future years to come) here are a few changes I’ve decided to make for the new year.

Be more positive 

I have no problem admitting that it is hard for me to maintain a positive mindset. I find it especially difficult when things don’t seem to go the way I desire them to. I’ve come to realize that you’ll never have complete control of every situation and that things not going according to plan is simply a part of life. Having a negative mindset or focusing on what’s going wrong has been nothing but draining in the past, so why not start making the effort to think on the bright side?

Take more risks

I’m not a person who enjoys surprises or straying away from the status quo. That being said, I don’t often take risks. I find it easier (and a lot less stressful) to stay in my comfort zone. But, I’m beginning to realize that saying about risk and reward is true. You can’t possible begin to gain anything worthwhile without taking some type of risk.

Read more

I’ve been making it a priority to read more. I find that reading not only relaxes me, but is a great way to open my mind and educate myself about different topics that interest me. One of my favorite quotes is “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”. Keeping yourself mentally healthy is just as important as keeping yourself physically healthy, and I find that reading is a great way to do that.

Travel more often 

Whether it’s to a nearby city, or halfway around the globe, I want to travel more this year. Traveling has always been something that I’ve desired to incorporate into my life, but never felt I had the time or money to do so. This year, I want to make an effort to actually venture outside of my house even if it’s just to a city a few hours away.

To be more consistent 

Being consistent is not one of my strong suits. But, I strongly believe that consistency is one of those things that can drastically change your life. The one reason most people don’t reach their goals is because they fail to be consistent with whatever it is that they’re pursuing. Just think about it. Any area of your life that you want to see improvement in requires being consistent in some form.

Overall, I just want 2018 to be a year of self growth, self discovery, and self love. These aren’t all of my resolutions but, I wanted to share a few of the ones that I felt would help me reach these goals.       And if I don’t end up accomplishing everything I want to in 2018, there’s always next year right?

For more of my resolutions for 2018 check out this video on my YouTube channel:



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