5 Things I’ve Learned From a Year of Blogging

It’s been exactly one year since I made the decision to start this blog (happy of birthday to us!). I started this blog for a number of reasons, the main one being that I was tired of feeling lost and confused. After a year of stumbling through life and attempting to figure things out, I can confidently say that I am still completely and utterly confused…just not as confused as I was a year ago. I guess you can consider that growth right?

As I spent another year of my twenties stressing over college, living paycheck to paycheck, going through dating ups and downs, and attempting to balance taking care of myself while having a social life, I tried my best to document what I could on this blog. The idea behind recording my ups and downs while going through my twenties was to hopefully help me (and whoever was reading my posts) navigate life and not feel as alone.

Taking the time to share my thoughts and experiences was more difficult than I expected. Not solely due to the fact that I was exposing many of my innermost feelings, but also because I had to set aside time to write out and analyze my thoughts about whatever I was going through. After a year of blogging and sharing my experiences through this platform here are 5 things I’ve learned so far.

Growth takes time 

When I first started this blog, I expected things to take off right away. Not only did I expect to gain a following and traffic quickly, I expected my personal growth to suddenly develop overnight as well. After a year of blogging, I’ve realized that significant growth takes time, and happens slowly. Sure there are some people who can become overnight successes, but most people who have grown into individuals that others admire, overcame numerous obstacles and most likely failed more than once over the course of their careers. Although I am not where I thought I’d be when I first started this blog, I’m happy with the growth I’ve made so far after one year.

Not to compare yourself to others 

When I first started blogging, I would compare my blog to other blogs, and begin to feel disappointed when I felt that my blog was lacking  where another blog showed strengths. The reality of this was that comparing my work to other blogs did nothing but cause me to feel like my work wasn’t good enough, when that was never the case.  This lesson is one that can be applied outside of blogging and to life in general. Never get caught up on comparing yourself to someone you feel is doing more than you. Always acknowledge your work and be proud of your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem in your eyes.

Stay consistent 

If I’m being honest, this one was the most difficult for me throughout the year. Some days, I would feel inspired to turn whatever I was feeling into a blog post, while most days I would be so tired from work and school (and sometimes just plain lazy) and end up binge watching Netflix rather than writing. Although choosing to binge watch my favorite shows and fall asleep was the easier option, I noticed that the most growth occurred on my blog whenever I was consistently posting.

Be honest 

As I mentioned earlier, one of the hardest parts about blogging was being completely honest about whatever I was feeling at the time. I would get embarrassed about writing about feeling lonely, or being single, or feeling stressed and having a breakdown (even naming these now makes me cringe), but my most honest posts are some of the ones I’m most proud of and also some of the most viewed posts on my blog. I believe this is because they’re the most relatable. A lot of people are probably going through the same things you are, but are too afraid to talk about it.

Stay inspired 

I found it most difficult to blog when I lost inspiration or lost sight of why I originally started. After finally making it to a year with my blog, I’ve realized that finding ways to stay inspired was extremely important. Any goal or vision you’re attempting to build, is almost impossible if you forget why you started or lose passion for it.

As 2017 comes to a close, I plan on taking all of these lessons and applying them not only to this blog, but life in general. This year has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, but every twist and turn has had a valuable lesson within it. To everyone that has supported my blog during this first year thank you so much! I hope you stay tuned for the visions I have for 2018. Happy New Year!


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