How to Stop Procrastinating and Develop Your Side Hustle

I’ve always wished I could be my own boss. I love the idea of working on your own time, not reporting to anyone and developing something you’re passionate about. The only problem with being your own boss is that there’s no room to procrastinate. I, as an avid procrastinator, loved daydreaming about achieving this vision, while putting off the work by scrolling through social media and taking periodic naps in between. Although I spent a lot of time daydreaming about becoming my own boss someday, I could never seem to push myself to do the work to get there.


As all procrastinators soon realize, you can’t always put everything off. I woke up one day and had to face the fact that I haven’t done much work to change the position I was in. I began researching what it would take to turn my passion for writing, and creating content, into an actual business, and found that turning your side hustle into your career requires constant work behind the scenes. If I really wanted to branch out and get serious about my passions, I should put in just as much work as I do at my day job fulfilling someone else’s dream. Here are 5 things I’ve found to be helpful when trying to stop procrastinating and turning your side hustle into a possible source of income.

Figure out what you’re good at 

The obvious first step to developing a side hustle is finding one, or at least one you’re good at. I figured out that I wanted to develop my writing through blogging by making a list of my skills and then narrowing them down to the ones I enjoyed doing the most. If you have a lot of hobbies or passions that you would like to make money from, figure out what you’re best at and most passionate about and look into ways to developing it further.

Study it 

One of the best ways to learn is from observing. In order to get better at your side hustle you need to study it. Research some of your favorite influencers in your niche and learn what worked best for them, and what didn’t, on their journey to success. Read books, watch documentaries or listen to podcasts about your point of interest. Do whatever it takes to find out as much information about your passion as possible.


Practicing your side hustle will only make you better. You can be great at something, but never putting the work in to produce it will get you nowhere. If you enjoy writing and want to turn it into a business, create a blog or work on getting your work published on other sites. Make practicing your craft a part of your daily routine.

Build up a portfolio 

Once you’ve began practicing and putting in the work, develop a portfolio. A portfolio doesn’t have to be the typical black book that comes to mind with the term. It can be a website, or even a social media page with images of your past work. Having a great portfolio can make you stand out against other people in your niche. Find a creative way to showcase your talent and make people want to invest in what you have to offer.

Remain consistent 

This is the one thing I find myself struggling with the most, but consistency is key when accomplishing anything. Things may not take off when you want them too, but it’s important to keep in mind why you started. Nothing great was ever achieved overnight. It can take months and often years of hard work and dedication to begin seeing even a little success.


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