I Chose My Happiness Over My Dream Job

I’ve always been a person who seeks advice from others to help me solve a problem. Recently, I was faced with a dilemma that could have potentially changed my life…or at least the course of my career. I was given the opportunity to take a job that was seemingly perfect from an outside perspective. It would have been everything that I wanted to do career-wise and maybe even more.

As I progressed throughout the interview process and became closer to being offered the position, one thing didn’t sit right with me. An encounter I had with a person, who would have been my direct boss, was unpleasant to say the least. I came to discover that his form of communication was a combination of aggression accompanied by a splash of verbal abuse. After speaking to sources close to him, I learned that was simply the way he was and dealing with his personality was just another part of the job. Now, I completely understand that not everything in life is handed to you wrapped to perfection, but was this something I was willing to endure in order to potentially advance my career?

Deep down I knew the answer to this question, but of course, I had to consult with a few family members and friends to make sure I was making the right decision. After listening to multiple pieces of advice and hearing the phrase  “If I were you I would…”  over and over with different responses at the end, I only became more confused. It wasn’t until I got the best advice of all, did my decision become crystal clear. Everyone can tell you what they would do in your situation, but you have to decide what choice is best for you. It’s easy for others to tell you what they would do in your shoes when they’re not standing in them, and at the end of the day, my family friends wouldn’t have to work the job, I would. I ultimately decided to respectfully decline to continue with the interview process. Although not everyone agreed with my choice, I did what I felt was right for me in the end and I feel at peace with my decision. Everyone is unique, and when it comes to making decisions that can heavily impact our lives, it’s important to make sure we’re taking the steps necessary to make the right choices for our own individual needs which includes:

Following your instincts 

I could feel it in my gut that this was not the right move for me, but I still toyed with the possibility of taking the job anyway. When you can instinctually feel a situation is not right, often times the best choice is to go with your gut feeling.

Weighing your options 

Even though I knew what decision I wanted to make, I made a pros and cons list to help me weigh out the possible benefits of taking the offer. When faced with a difficult decision, weighing the pros and cons on each side can sometimes help you go in the direction that’s best for you.

Doing what feels right for YOU

This falls in line with following your instincts. A lot of the time, we know what decision is best for us, but we still seek advice from others for validation. It’s completely ok to get counsel from people you’re close to, but they don’t have to live with the decision they’re telling you to make. Ultimately you have to end up doing what’s right for you, and the rest will fall into place.


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