Stagnant AF

As twenty-somethings, we all go through a phase of feeling stagnant. We have no idea what we’re doing, where we’re going and feel like everyone around us is moving ahead while we’re seemingly at a standstill. I’ve been guilty of feeling like this myself lately, but haven’t been sure how to pull myself out of this little rut I’ve been in for the past couple of months or so. These past couple weeks, I’ve been tired of feeling like I’m at a standstill, and as result have been pushing myself to take small (but significant steps) in the right direction. Here are some things I’ve been doing that have been helping me feel like I’m finally beginning to move ahead again.

Trying something new 

I feel like one of the main reasons we begin to feel stuck is because we don’t try new things. We get stuck in our daily routines and become comfortable with the lives we’ve created for ourselves. Everyone loves comfort, but the only issue with becoming comfortable is that it’s a complete success killer. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything significant has had to step out of their comfort zone in some way. Sure, it can be intimidating trying new things, but even if it’s something small, it can be a step forward in the right direction.

Finding inspiration for your goals 

Often times I end up feeling stagnant when I’ve lost inspiration for whatever it is I’m trying to achieve. One of the things that has been helping, is constantly looking for ways to stay inspired. Some of my favorites have been picking up a new book, listening to some of my favorite inspirational content creators or simply taking a look back at old projects.

Stop procrastinating 

I am an avid procrastinator. It’s a horrible habit I’ve been trying to get rid of, and one of the main reasons I feel as if I’m not progressing. After all, how can we move forward if we keep putting things off? Sure, procrastinating may be the easy way to deal with a problem you don’t want to, but it only makes things worse.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you 

This is one of the main causes, at least for me personally, for feeling stagnant. We live in a world where we have open access to everyone’s lives via social media, and it has become easier to compare ourselves with the images people present of themselves online. Rather than constantly comparing ourselves to others, realize that everyone reaches their goals at their own pace, and that people who seemingly have it all together are sometimes feeling just as stuck as you are. In order to stop feeling like we’re stuck, it’s important we focus on ourselves and the personal growth we’d like to achieve. After all, how can you move ahead when you’re constantly watching the person beside you?