Stop Making Excuses & Do More.

We’ve been categorized as the entitled generation. The generation that expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, and complains when things don’t go their way. I, for one, don’t like to place myself in the category of “spoiled expectant millennial”. The things I currently have I’ve worked hard for, and none of it was simply handed to me. However, although I know I work hard for what I want, I have been guilty of falling back on excuses to justify not being where I desire to be.

I used to be extremely good at placing the blame elsewhere for why I didn’t get something or why a certain outcome didn’t go my way. I remained being very good at this, until I realized it was getting me nowhere. I saw my “reasons” for why I didn’t have the things I wanted for what they actually were- excuses.

What caused me to think about this was a conversation I had with my sister, yesterday, about job hunting. My sister was frustrated because she had been applying for jobs, for quote some time, but has yet to hear anything from potential employers. Hearing this caused me to reflect back on when I was unemployed and avidly searching for jobs. Although I was struggling to find a job, there was no real fire under me to hunt for jobs with everything I had. It wasn’t until I was forced to move back home and under extremely strict rules with my parents that I found that fire. I went from applying to maybe one job every couple of days to applying to a minimum of three jobs daily.

Anytime I spoke to a friend, I asked if they knew of locations that were hiring or had open positions. I exhausted every option I could to become employed and, eventually, did. Even though I stepped it up when it came to searching for jobs, was there still more I could do? Of course. Rather than only applying to three jobs a day, I could have applied to five or even ten jobs daily. That being said, no matter how hard you think you’re trying, there is always something more you could do. That’s not to discredit the hard work you may have already put in, but rather to challenge yourself.

Unless you’re extremely privileged, nothing will ever be handed to you. We will always have to work extremely hard in order to achieve what we want. If you’re not getting the results you desire, take a step back and ask yourself “What more could I be doing?” No matter how close you are to your goal, or even if you’ve already reached it, there’s always more you could be doing.


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