So, You Want to be a Podcaster?

In one of my final Journalism courses, I was required to make a podcast. I had heard of podcasts before, but had no idea what they actually were or how to make one. Once I learned all the basics of podcasting, and listened to a few on my own, I knew it was something I wanted to try outside of my class. So, this is me trying it out.

Last night, I was having drinks with a friend of mine, and we got into a conversation about the types of relationships we see ourselves continuously getting into, and the mistakes we’re repeatedly making. I had such a great time discussing this, I decided “Hey why not turn this into a podcast?”. And from there, episode 001 of the Twenty Talk podcast was born. I’ve uploaded the first episode to my Soundcloud, and plan on doing many more! If you want to check it out I will add a link to my site (and in this post as well) to the first episode. Enjoy!


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