To the Blogger Stealing My Posts…

“It’s better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.”

-Herman Melville 

It has come to my attention that another blogger has been taking my posts, slightly tweaking them, and literally posting them hours after mine. When I first discovered this, I became extremely upset. This blogger has a much larger presence than I do, and copy writes every single one of his posts (including the stolen ones). Once my anger subsided, the first thing I did was research what I could do to stop it. It turns out this is very common in the blogging world, it’s is referred to as content scraping, and it doesn’t seem there is much I can do about it. I thought about calling this person out directly, but decided against it. They’re most likely going to read this anyway (and steal it) since they have been taking content from me, and probably other bloggers out there too. Though I won’t call you out directly, I will say this- there is a HUGE difference between getting inspiration, and flat out plagiarizing other people’s work. While I was doing my research, I saw a quote that attempted to justify content scrapping. The quote was made by Pablo Picasso and states “Good artists copy, a great artist steals”. Picasso was an amazing artist, but that quote is complete B.S. If you need to steal the art someone else has put their time and creativity into, you shouldn’t be an artist to begin with.

As a person who genuinely enjoys writing, and uses it as form of expression, I hate that someone else can easily copy and take credit for my words, and posts, I work hard on. The worst part is I know I’m probably not the only blogger you’re doing this to. I seriously contemplated no longer writing on my site anymore, but I won’t allow someone else’s inability to create their own ideas stop me from expressing mine. I just couldn’t knowingly continue to post without expressing this somehow. The only silver lining I can find in all this is that someone thinks my posts are good enough to steal and claim as their own, but in this case I am far from flattered by their blatant imitation of my work.

To anyone else this may be happening to, don’t let anyone copying your work discourage you from continuing to do it. There will be tons of content scrapers and thieves out there, but only you have access to the originality and creativity you possess. I’m done ranting, I just had to get this all off my chest before my next post. And, to the blogger stealing my posts, I’m looking forward to seeing this on your site tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “To the Blogger Stealing My Posts…

    1. Thank you. I hope they stop too, but it’s probably something they’ve been doing for a while. It’s really unfortunate that people feel the need to copy the hard work of other’s, but it does happen. The only thing I can do is continue to work hard and try to make my writing better. Thanks for commenting!


  1. I couldn’t help but laugh with the quote justifying the content scrapping, even the attempt to justify it’s ridiculous, I love your posts and they come from your inspiration – something they can never steal 😉

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