Taking Advantage of Time

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

-Earl Nightingale 

I read this quote today, and it caused me to think about time. It’s funny because time is something I feel like I have too much of, when I don’t have a need for it, and something that I don’t have enough of when I need it the most. Often, we allow ourselves to waste the time we have on doing things that don’t bring meaning into our lives. We know time is of the essence, but how do we use our time efficiently enough so that it isn’t wasted?

Evaluating how you spend your time 

I remember taking a workshop that had a segment on time management. The first thing we were told to do was to identify our time wasters. A time waster can be considered any activity that is not helping you meet whatever goals you set out to accomplish. I didn’t think I had many time wasters, but after writing them all down, I saw that my time was basically filled with them. My biggest time wasters were technology based. We’re in an age where technology and social media rules most aspects of life, including our time. After realizing how much time I wasted constantly scrolling through social media, I decided to change how I spent my time. I still use social media and technology, but I now use it as a platform to promote my writing. Evaluating your time, and restructuring the way you spend it, is a simple way to start using your time more efficiently.

Evaluating who you are spending time with 

I enjoy reading stories of successful people. One thing I find most of them label as a key to success, is putting yourself around people with the same mindset as you. If you strive to become a more positive person, you can’t do that by spending time with negative people. Those cliché sayings like, “birds of feather flock together” have truth in them. Over time, you begin to adapt similarities of those you spend significant amounts of time with. I can say from personal experience that the less time I spent with negative people, the better I felt. Not only does it feel like less weight is on your shoulders, it also creates opportunity to find positivity and focus on your goals.

Making the time

Knowledge without action is useless. You can know how to use your time more efficiently, but if you’re not putting this knowledge to action, what good is it? I took the workshop, I mentioned earlier, about time management years ago and didn’t begin using it until now. It frustrates me when I think about all the time I wasted not putting that information to use. But, instead of dwelling on the past, I make time now to work on the goals and dreams I have so that I don’t feel as if I wasted a ton of my time in the future.

Taking advantage of the time you do have 

As twenty-somethings, we’re constantly getting told to take advantage of our time because we are young. I can’t begin to express how true this is. I don’t believe there’s ever an age limit on pursuing your dreams, but when I speak to my older friends, the one regret they seem to all have in common is not pursuing whatever dream or goals they had at a younger age. Taking advantage of the time we have now makes us less likely to wake up with regret about how we spent our time in the past.


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