What We Can All Take Away From Obama’s Presidency

As Barack Obama’s second term officially comes to an end, I can’t help but reminisce about how much of an amazing leader he was. During his time in office, he inspired, taught, and gave hope to people of all colors, ages, genders, and sexualities. As twenty-somethings, or people of any age, here are a few things we can all take away from Obama’s presidency.

Dreams have no limits  

Obama achieved what many people believed to be impossible. He became the first Black president of the United States. Don’t ever set limits on your own hopes or dreams. No matter how unachievable your goals may seem, pursue them at all costs. With hard work and dedication, anything can be possible.

Stand up for what you believe in 

Although he faced controversy for proposing healthcare reform and creating the Affordable Care Act, he fought for it and pushed it into existence, because it was something he believed in. Sometimes it’s difficult to take a stance, especially when everyone is against you, but you should never let the fear of other’s opinions keep you from doing what you feel is right.

A healthy loving relationship is achievable 

Barack and Michelle’s relationship was not only heartwarming to watch, it was inspiring. Seeing a successful couple, who was in the public eye, was refreshing. Love that appears honest, selfless and long lasting seems to have gotten lost nowadays. Barak and Michelle both reminded the world that a healthy, loving and long lasting relationship is still achievable with the right person by your side.

Never be afraid to be yourself 

Obama took the presidency and made it his own. He never attempted to conform to the cookie cutter role of what a president should be. Never try to fit into someone else’s box. Stay true to who you are and don’t hesitate to be yourself in any situation.

Don’t take yourself too seriously 

Throughout his term, we saw sides of Obama that showed us he still kept his sense of humor, despite having the responsibility of running an entire country. Sometimes, especially as twenty-somethings, we can take life a bit too seriously. Even when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, try to find something that brightens up your life. If Obama can crack a few jokes with an entire country to lead, I’m sure we can all find some sort of light at the end of our tunnels.


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