Taking a Chance on Yourself

I remember, as a child, thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I would think about professions I wanted to go into, money was never a factor. I always picked a career based on whether or not it seemed like it would bring me happiness. Somewhere after graduating high school and going to college, I lost that. As I got older, it seemed that happiness mattered less and money mattered more when it came to choosing a career field. Once I got to college, I found myself taking classes in subjects I wasn’t interested in just because I knew those fields made more money. I wanted to follow my true passion, which is writing, but was too afraid that I wouldn’t make enough money after graduating.

I find that a lot of us twenty-somethings struggle with this. We have a passion or dream we want to go after, but are sometimes afraid to because we’re worried that the risk won’t be as big as the reward. As somewhat of a New Year’s resolution, I told myself I would no longer be afraid to pursue my passions. If there is any time in our lives where we should pursue a dream it’s now. Before deciding to go after what I was passionate about, I had to first realize a few things:

Make time to work on your goals 

I got so caught up in pushing my passions to the side in order to ensure that I had a financially stable future, I decided to go from part-time to full-time at the company I work for. Working 40 hours a week and going to school full-time took a toll on me. I had more money and was doing better financially, but I was miserable. I became tired of working everyday to achieve someone else’s vision and wanted to start working towards my own goals. I’ve now dropped to part-time and do at least one thing daily that I’m passionate about and see a huge difference in how I feel.

Pursuing your passion is risky, but worth it

When I began pushing my own passions aside to pursue moving up at the company I currently work for, I got stuck in this mentality that I had to stay at this job because I had a chance to grow with the company. It was way less risky than pursuing a career in my field, but I was unhappy. Sure, following what your passionate about can be risky, but is working in a field that makes you miserable worth risking your happiness?

Take a chance on yourself 

By taking the chance to go after your true dreams or career goals you’ve already become one step closer to obtaining them. Letting go of self doubt can be difficult, but once you begin to take small steps towards what you want to achieve your confidence will slowly grow.  If you’re going to take a chance on anyone why not start with yourself?


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