What’s the Motive?

This morning I woke up feeling particularly unmotivated to do anything. Feeling like this brought me back in time to a few semesters ago, in college, when I went through a period where nothing could motivate me. I wouldn’t go to class, didn’t turn in assignments, and I felt like I didn’t care about anything. I found myself constantly asking “what’s the point?”. I didn’t know why I wanted to be in school or if I was doing it for myself or my parents.

This was actually very abnormal for me, especially as a student. Since elementary school, I’ve always cared about my grades and what my teachers and peers thought of me. So, when I started to care less about school and academics, I felt lost. Being a student was the only identity I had, at the time, and disconnecting from that made it more difficult to discover who I was.

Eventually, I pulled out of my slump and realized that college was something I wanted to invest my time, and money into. When I experienced feelings, this morning, similar to what I felt during that time I knew I needed to remember how I gained motivation so that I  wouldn’t continue to carry this feeling with me throughout my day.

Finding the “why?” 

When I was going through that few semesters of college where I felt unmotivated I would constantly ask “why?”,”why am I doing this?”, “why does this matter?” and so on. I couldn’t figure out if my actions were to better myself or please others. Once I remembered why I was going to school and furthering my education, little by little I found motivation to continue.

Remembering the end goal 

I find myself feeling less motivated when I don’t focus on what I set out to accomplish from the start. Whether its losing weight, vowing to set time out for a passion, or promising to eat healthier, each of these goals are set with an end result in mind. Remembering that end goal and not losing sight of it can help kick-start your motivation again.

Knowing everything is temporary

Accomplishing anything requires work. It could be mental, physical, or both but either way you will have to work for the end result you’re trying to reach. I find that I give up easily sometimes because I don’t want to experience the temporary moments of unconformability that are required to achieve what I want. Remembering that whatever obstacle you have to overcome is only temporary can be helpful when you’re lacking motivation.